About the fund

The purpose of the Samuel Beatty Fund is to promote and encourage the study of Mathematics in the University of Toronto and throughout the Province of Ontario.  Income from the Fund is used to encourage students of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Statistics & Actuarial Science through scholarships, grants and financial assistance and to support libraries and promote research and teaching in these subjects.

For example, over the last decade, the Samuel Beatty Fund has provided financial support to the following programs:

  • the annual John J. Del Grande Scholarship atOISE
  • the 12 annual Samuel Beatty Awards at theU.ofT.in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Statistics & Actuarial Science
  • travel costs for the International Mathematical Olympiad contestant named as the “Samuel Beatty Contestant”
  • the student leadership event and the Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Project – Computer Science
  • the new Student Learning Centre – Physics
  • travel costs for students attending the Actuarial Students National Association annual meeting
  • Undergraduate Fellowships – Physics
  • high school mathematics competitions – Tournament of Towns, Math Battles
  • the high school Computer Science Showcase competitions
  • the high school Physics Olympiad
  • Computer Insights for high school students
  • Computer Insights for high school teachers
  • Computer outreach programs to high school students
  • the Physics Library
  • the Mathematics SOAR program
  • the Statistics outreach program for high school students